About Us

virginiaVirginia Palmer, Ph.D., partner, MV Green Power LLC, is also Director of Resources Unlimited Human Development Foundation.  She is a leader in environmental development, strategic planning and leadership training both in Texas and California.
Virginia is former Executive Director of Los Angeles People for Parks, Director of Open Space for the Southern California Council on Environment & Development and Leadership trainer for Los Angeles County Parks Department.
In Texas she has consulted with Somerset Applied Research Solutions, Pioneer Green Energy, OCI Energy, Borrego Solar, Texas Solar Utilities,  as well as American YouthWorks’ Green Job Training Center in Austin.
Virginia’s varied background provides a unique approach to business partnerships and strategies in relationship to the renewable energy vision.   She has a BA in Journalism & Political Science; MA in Counseling & Guidance and Physical Education; and Ph.D. in Human Development.  She was Press/ Public Relations Director of the Texas Senate, Tennis Professional, Seminar Leader, and Personal Transformation Consultant.

Mark_goodMark Kapner, PE, Partner, MV Green Power LLC, is also the Engineering Manager of Frontier Associates in Austin, Texas. He is a nationally-recognized authority in helping electric utilities expand their use of wind, solar and bio-energy and has spoken at dozens of national and international renewable energy conferences.
As Senior Strategy Engineer at Austin Energy (AE) from 1999-2011, Mark developed AE’s GreenChoice Program, the nation’s leading renewable energy marketing program.  He also was instrumental in launching Plug-In Partners, the AE-led campaign that persuaded the automobile industry to build plug-in hybrid vehicles.  Mark originated the dual storage media system for integrating off-peak wind energy  and solar thermal energy to produce utility-scale dispatchable power.  He has over 30 years of experience in energy technology, environmental engineering and renewable energy policy.
Prior to joining Austin Enegy, Mark launched TerraSolar USA, a solar photovoltaic company based in New Jersey, and served as a Research and Development Manager for the New York Power Authority.  He has a BS in Engineering Science from the State University of NY at Stony Brook and a Masters in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University.